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Top 5 Herbs in Caribbean Cuisine


Fresh herbs are the variety of choice when it comes to cooking in the Caribbean. While there are a wide variety of herbs available. There are 5 herbs in particular that can always be found in a Caribbean kitchen. Sometimes the combination would vary depending on the country.

1. Thyme

Photo by Cynthia Nelson

Fresh thyme comes in three main varieties. Learn more about these varieties and how they are used in Caribbean Cuisine.

2. Marjoram

Photo by Cynthia Nelson

Marjoram is an herb with a woodsy, floral aroma and can be used in place of thyme.

3. Basil

Thai Basil

Basil comes in many varieties and they are all used in Caribbean Cuisine.

4. Chadon Beni

Chadon Beni (Culantro)
Photo by Cynthia Nelson

Chadon Beni is more popularly known as Culantro and due to the heavy Spanish influence in Trinidad and Tobago, this herb is the most widely used in the multi-cultural cuisine of Trinidad and Tobago.

5. Green Onions

Green Onions
Photo by Cynthia Nelson

Green Onions are also known as shallots and chives in the Caribbean. Used almost daily, it is truly a must-have in any Caribbean kitchen.

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