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Green Onions


Green Onions

Green Onions

Photo by Cynthia Nelson

Green onions, shallots and chives are all names used interchangeably to refer to green onions. Green onions refer to the herb with long green blades and with white or purple tops of delicate onion flavor. Green onions are used widely in Caribbean cuisine.


  • Green onions are an integral ingredient in Green Seasoning.

  • Green onions are often sliced thinly and used as a garnish.

  • Green onions add a delicate onion flavor to foods.


  1. Both the white and green parts of green onions are edible and are used in Caribbean Cuisine.

  2. Green onions can be added at the beginning of cooking a dish but for a true bright herb flavor, stir it into the dish just as it is about to finish. This way, it also remains bright green.

  3. If you plan to garnish food with green onions, only do so as you are about the serve the food because the green onions if they are allowed to sit on the hot food for an extended period of time can cause the food to go sour.

Buying and Storing

  • Green onions are sold in bundles both at the supermarket and the farmers' market.

  • In some cases, green onions are sold with the white parts removed, this is because, the farmer replants the heads which re-grow green onions very quickly.

  • Wrap green onions in paper towels and store in a zip bag. Or, slice the green onions thinly and store in an airtight container.

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