1. Food
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Fresh ginger root is used widely in Caribbean cuisine for both savory and sweet preparations. Ginger root is also used for its medicinal properties. If someone has a cold, not feeling well or tummy issues, the first piece of advice given is to drink some ginger tea.

The name ginger comes from the Sanskrit word for 'horn root', probably referring to the knobbly appearance of ginger.

Fresh ginger root has a tan-colored skin and flesh that ranges in color from pale yellow to ivory. The flavor is spicy, in this case spicy meaning peppery and slightly sweet.


Fresh ginger root can be sliced thinly, minced, roughly chopped or grated. The juice is also used. To extract the juice, grate the ginger and squeeze to ring out the juice.

Dried Ground Ginger

  • The flavor of dried ground ginger is very different from its fresh for and is therefore not an appropriate substitute for preparations that call for fresh ginger.

  • Dried ground ginger is ideally used in sweet rather than savory dishes.

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