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10 Must Make Corn Recipes from the Caribbean

Versatile Corn & Cornmeal Recipes


Corn - whether it is fresh, canned whole, creamed or dried and ground is one of the most versatile ingredient one can have in the kitchen. Corn in various forms can be used for both sweet and savory preparations.

I've put together 10 recipes using corn in its various forms for you to enjoy.

1. Trinidadian Corn Pie

Corn Pie
Photo by Cynthia Nelson

Corn pies of various sorts appear on many Caribbean dining tables on Sundays and Holidays. Every cook has his or her own recipe, but here is one with a Trinidadian influence to it.

2. Guyanese Boiled Corn

Guyanese-styled Boiled Corn
Photo by Cynthia Nelson

Guyanese Boiled Corn is young corn that is cooked is fresh coconut milk along with fresh herbs. This is a great side dish and is sold often at fairs and other outdoor gatherings.

3. Steamed Corn

Steamed Corn
Photo by Cynthia Nelson

Steamed corn is one of the best ways to taste the natural flavor of corn. Cooking it this way also ensures that all of the nutrients remain intact.

4. Cornbread

Photo by Cynthia Nelson

We may not be as passionate about cornbread as our friends up North but cornbread is something made and enjoyed in the Caribbean.

5. Corn Pudding

Corn Pudding
Photo by Cynthia Nelson

This is a savory corn dish that make will make you think of baked-buttered corn.

6. Corn Soup

Corn Soup
Photo by Cynthia Nelson

This is a very popular street-food in Trinidad & Tobago.

7. Cornmeal Cou-Cou

Cornmeal Cou-cou
Photo by Cynthia Nelson

Cornmeal Cou-cou is one-half of Barbados' national dish of Cou-cou and Flying Fish. Cornmeal Cou-cou is made with cornmeal, okra and water; it is cooked low and slow and served with a stew of fish, meat, poultry or vegetables.

8. Cornmeal Dumpling

Steamed Cornmeal Dumpling
Photo by Cynthia Nelson

This is a hearty dumpling made with cornmeal and all-purpose flour. Cornmeal dumplings can be cooked and eaten with sauteed salt fish, as is, or be dropped into soups and stews.

9. Cornmeal Porridge

Cornmeal Porridge with Cinnamon
Photo by Cynthia Nelson

This is a hearty breakfast that will keep you up way beyond lunch. Packed with vitamins and nutrients. The cinnamon-spiked porridge is a winner.

10. Roasted Corn

Roasting Corn
Photo by Cynthia Nelson

This is yet another way to enjoy the natural sweet taste of corn. Fire-roasted to bring out the sweetness, this smoky roasted corn can be eaten as is, with butter or some salt and pepper.

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