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Caribbean Recipes by Region - Classic and Fusion


Caribbean recipes and food are a mixture of cultural influences. Each island has a similar culinary heritage, which involves the original island natives, European settlers and African slaves, as well as East Indian, Chinese, and other Asian immigrants. Each island cuisine uniquely evolved with the borrowing and blending of foods and cooking styles. Caribbean cuisine is always evolving due to the many cultural influences on the islands and the need to import products to sustain the population.
  1. About Latin Caribbean Food
  2. Puerto Rican Recipes
  3. Cuban Recipes
  4. Dominican Republic Recipes

About Latin Caribbean Food

Spanish settlers, using their traditional recipes mixed with native Caribbean foods and cooking styles, created the cuisine of the Spanish speaking islands. Consequently, you will find both native and Spanish influences, cooking techniques, and ingredients in Latin Caribbean Food. Many know it as Cocina Criolla – Creole Cooking.

Puerto Rican Recipes

Picture of Assembling and Wrapping a Pastele Step 10

Classic dishes and recipes from the island of Puerto Rico.

Cuban Recipes

Mojitos Cocktails

Classic dishes and recipes from the island of Cuba.

Dominican Republic Recipes

Dominican Fried Chicking - Chicharrones de Pollo

Classic dishes and recipes from the Dominican Republic.

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