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Guyanese Pancakes

A Guide to Guyanese-style Pancakes


The type of pancakes most often made in Guyana is not the traditional flat pancake, rather it is the Portuguese Pancakes/doughnuts called Malasadas that are made and eaten on Shrove Tuesday.

Guyana's cuisine is influenced by the Portuguese in addition to African, Indian, Chinese, British and Indigenous cuisines, among others.

1. Guyanese Pancakes

Guyanese-style Pancakes
Photo by Cynthia Nelson

Trying making a different style of pancakes. Make Guyanese-styled Pancakes which are very similar to the Portuguese Malasadas.

2. Homemade Syrup

Homemade Syrup
Photo by Cynthia Nelson

In Guyana, very rarely is store-bought syrup used for pancakes on Shrove Tuesday, almost every home makes its own syrup for the pancakes.

3. Guyanese Pancakes Demonstration

Dressing Pancakes
Photo by Cynthia Nelson

Here you will find a step-by-step demonstration on how to make this Guyanese treat that is enjoyed by many.

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