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Prep Techniques & How-Tos

Techniques, information, and photographic guides on how to handle, prepare, serve and store foods used in Spanish Caribbean cooking.
  1. Pictorial Guides (12)

How to Extract Coconut Milk from a Fresh Coconut
Tutorial on how to extract coconut milk from a fresh coconut. It is easier than you think.

Peel, Cut, and Prepare Yuca for Cooking
Step-by-step, picture guide (photo gallery) on how to peel and prepare cassava for cooking. Cassava is also called yuca, manioc, casabe, yucca, or tapioca.

How to Make Fried Shark
How to Make Fried Shark Step-by-step demonstration. Learn how to make fried shark with this pictoral tutorial.

Storing Fresh Coconut
When storing a fresh coconut, follow this tip from the Indian Food Guide.

Mango Cooking Tips
Learn about the flavor and texture of mangos as well as how to cook with mangos, including equivalents and substitutions.

How To Cook Rice
Here's a sure-fire way to produce rice that's light and fluffy, not hard and sticky.

Tips for Frying with Olive Oil
Olive oil is an important ingredient in Spanish influenced cooking. Here are some tips from the Spanish Food Guides for frying with olive oil.

De-salting Salt Fish
Learn how to de-salt salt fish. Refer to this guide to remove excess salt from salt fish and prepare it for cooking.

West Indian Cherry Fruit Puree
Learn what West Indian Cherry Fruit Puree is and how to make it. This is a recipe for West Indian Cherry Fruit Puree.

Guyanese-style Pancakes
Guyanese pancake demonstration. Learn to make Guyanese pancakes with this step by step guide for Guyanese Pancakes.

Okra Cooking Tips
How to cook okra. Follow these okra cooking tips for slime free okra.

Here is a handy guide to okra. Learn how to buy and store okra, as well as how to cut okra.

Tips for Making Dhal Puri
Don't know how to make Dhal Puri? Follow this Dhal Puri cooking guide.

How to Store Dhal Puri
Dhal Puri storing and heating guide. How to store dhal puri, how to reheat dhal puri. Dhal puri in the refrigerator, dhal puri in the freezer.

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