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Green Bananas

Caribbean Fig


Green bananas
Simon Rawles/The Image Bank/Getty Images

Depending on which of the islands you are in, you will hear the words: Green Bananas and Fig being used interchangeably. In both cases, they are referring to the same thing - green bananas. This is is the same bananas that one would eat as a ripe fruit for breakfast or a snack. Green bananas in this case are used as a vegetable. It is prepared in savory dishes.

It is purely out of a need to be resourceful that Caribbean folks started to cook Green Bananas.


Green Bananas are used to make salads, just as one would make a potato salad, pies such as one would make a Shepherd's Pie. Whether fresh or dried, it can be made into porridge. When fresh and sliced thinly, one can make Green Banana chips or simply boil the Green Bananas and eat it with some sort of sauteed salt meat.

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