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Pudding and Souse

A Caribbean Tradition


Black and White Pudding

Guyanese Black and White Pudding

Photo by Cynthia Nelson

Pudding and Souse refers to two dishes that are served together or separately on the weekends in the Caribbean.


Pudding refers to Black Pudding (think British Blood Pudding). It is more like a sausage. In Guyana, a version of the blood pudding is made with rice cooked with lots of fresh herbs and then seasoned with pig's blood. There is also another version of pudding made for those who are squeamish about blood, and that is called White Pudding. The White Pudding is made with all of the same ingredients as that of the Black Pudding except that there is no blood. Instead the mixture is made using fresh coconut milk.

In Barbados and some other parts of the Caribbean, pudding with blood is not made at all, rather, there is a steamed pudding made of spiced sweet potatoes and darkened with browning to give that signature dark look of a traditional blood pudding. This version of the pudding is served two ways - stuffed in a casing such as a sausage casing or it is served as is.

Blacking Pudding is an influence from the Colonial days.


Souse is a pickle. It is a pickle made of pig-trotters (pig's feet), pig's face, pig's ears pork shoulder (pork butt), chicken feet or cow's face. Along with the meat there is a slightly vinegary sauce that it spiced with minced hot peppers, loads of cucumbers, herbs, such as parsley, and it is seasoned with salt.

Weekend Treat

Pudding and Souse are made only on the weekends. Saturday is really Pudding and Souse day but some places also make it on Fridays. It is a real Caribbean treat and one that all visitors should try.

On weekend's long lines can be seen outside shops and homes and other places that make and sell Pudding and Souse. Everyone, has their special vendor that they buy from because like everything else, the taste of the Pudding and Souse varies from one cook to the other.

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