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Black Pudding

Guyanese Black Pudding


Black Pudding stuffed waiting to be steamed

Stuffed Black Pudding to be steamed

Photo by Cynthia Nelson

Black Pudding is a type of blood sausage and it's influence in the Caribbean is from the British.

There are two kinds of Caribbean Black Pudding - one made using rice, herbs and pig's blood and the other using cooked sweet potatoes, spiced and colored with browning to give it that signature dark look of traditional Black Pudding.

In some cases, the Black Pudding made with sweet potatoes are made with casings such as traditional sausages and sometimes they are not.

Guyana has a rich tradition of making Black Pudding. Guyanese Black Pudding is made with rice cooked with water or sometimes coconut milk and it is highly seasoned with loads of fresh basil and thyme. It has a signature aroma of the herbs. Once cooked, the seasoned rice is moistened with pig's blood, stuffed into sausage casings and steamed.

The Black Pudding is served with a savory pickle, called a sour. The sour is made with a combination of green and half green mangoes.

Black Pudding is made and sold exclusively on weekends. This is so because it is on the weekend that the domestic animals are slaughtered for the big market days at the weekend. However, these days, you can find Black Pudding during the week at selected eating establishments.

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