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Latin Caribbean Main Dishes

Latin Caribbean meals can include several main dishes. Traditionally, the cook always makes extra to offer company when they stop by. Whether you are cooking for two or a crowd, these recipes are sure to please.

West Indian Stewed Chicken in Pepper Sauce
Recipe for West Indian Stewed Chicken in Pepper Sauce. This recipe will turn an old tough bird into a very tender, yummy dish that goes well with any rice side dish.

Yellow Rice with Pork and Okra

Jamaican Escoveitched Fish
Recipe for Jamaican escoveitched fish - traditional weekend breakfast fare. This dish is fried red snapper marinated in vinegar, allspice, onions and chile peppers.

Chayote Stuffed with Beef Filling
Recipe for a Caribbean dish which calls for chayote stuffed with beef filling.

Caribbean Chicken and Corn Casserole
Recipe for a delicious one pot casserole with flavorful chicken filling and corn crust topping.

Coconut Recipes
Recipes for desserts, savory dishes, and beverages using coconut.

Red Snapper with Island Sauce - Pescado con Mojo Isleño
Recipe for red snapper fillets in a delicious, savory tomato based island sauce.

What You Need to Make Bake and Shark
What You Need to Make Bake and Shark. Guide to making bake and shark. Bake and shark made easy.

Fried Shark
Easy fried shark recipe for bake and shark. Learn how to make fried shark.

Bake and Shark
What is Bake and Shark? Bake and shark explained. A guide to how to buy bake and shark. Bake and shark is Trinidad street food.

Almond Crusted Fresh Fish
Almond Crusted Fresh Fish is a delicious and healthier alternative to traditional fried fish recipes. Impress family members with a unique, flavorful meal.

Crab Claws St. Thomas
Bahama Breeze's recipe for Crab Claws St. Thomas is an appetizing dish made with homemade passion fruit butter melted over blue crab claws and toasted French baguette or slice of Cuban bread. This recipe makes two servings – perfect for a romantic night in.

Flamenco Eggs (Huevos a la Flamenco)
Flamenco eggs are eggs poached in tomato sauce. There are many variations of this classic Spanish dish. My recipe is a baked version with a Latin Caribbean twist.

Salmon Tostada Salad
Bahama Breeze's Salmon Tostada Salad is a fresh, colorful take on Latin-inspired tostadas packed with fresh peppers, avocado and salsa topped with grilled Salmon.

Solomon Gundy Recipe - How to make Solomon Gundy
Solomon Gundy Recipe - How to make Solomon Gundy

Salted Codfish with Potatoes – Bacalao con Papas
This Salted Codfish with Potatoes Recipe (Bacalao con Papas) is easy to make. It's also a good example of how foreign ingredients have found their way into local cuisine.

Trinidadian Callaloo
Trinidad Callaloo Recipe for Callaloo Soup. Learn how to make trinidadian callaloo. Trinidadian callaloo made easy.

Spinach Dal
easy Spinach dal recipe. Spinach dal is a spiced soup made of split peas and spinach. This is palak dal recipe.

Butter Fish in Butter Sauce
This Butter Fish recipe is a quick recipe for Butter Fish with a sauce for dinner or lunch. Butter Fish is a white fish that cooks up quickly.

Fried (Sauteed) Salt Fish
Recipe for fried salt fish. Learn how to cook fried salt fish. There are many ways in which salt fish is prepared in the Caribbean but the most...

White Pudding
Caribbean White Pudding. White Pudding is a version of the traditional Black Pudding that is made in Guyana. White Pudding is made with rice, cooked with fresh coconut milk and loads of fresh herbs such as basil and thyme. White Pudding explained.

Black Pudding
What is black pudding? Black Pudding is a type of blood sausage and it's influence in the Caribbean is from the British.Learn about Guyanese Black Pudding. An introduction to Caribbean Black Pudding.

Pudding and Souse
Pudding and souse is a caribbean weekend treat. Eat pudding and souse when in the Caribbean. Pudding and souse explained.

Smoked Herring - What is Smoked Herring? - About Smoked Herring
Smoked Herring - What is Smoked Herring? - About Smoked Herring

Caribbean Salted "Meats"
Guide to salt meats. Learn about Caribbean Salt Meats. Salt meat explained. List of salt meat.

Fried Smoked Herring Recipe - Sauteed Smoked Herring Recipe
Fried Smoked Herring Recipe - Sauteed Smoked Herring Recipe

Top Sweet Potato Recipes
Top caribbean sweet potato recipes. Learn to cook sweet potatoes caribbean style. Guide to sweet potato recipes from the Caribbean islands.

Top Fish, Seafood, and Shrimp Recipes
Top recipes for Caribbean fish, seafood, and shrimp. There is no shortage of fresh fish and seafood in Caribbean cooking.

Caribbean Oyster Cocktail
Here's a delicious recipe for Caribbean Oyster Cocktails, which also works for Oysters on the Half Shell. This is a raw oyster recipe.

Conch Chowder
Recipe for a Bahamian favorite - delicious, mildly spicy, conch chowder.

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