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Cassava, Manioc, Yucca - edible root/tuber - copyright Picture Partners. iStockphoto.com.

Cassava, Manioc, Yucca - edible root/tuber

Picture Partners. iStockphoto.com
Definition: In the Caribbean, yuca is as common as the potato is to Americans. There's a sweet and a bitter variety. The tuber is long and narrow with rough bark-like skin. Its hard, dense flesh is white, sticky, and buttery tasting. It's great for stews. When you buy yucca it should be coated with wax to thwart breakdown. It will last up to a week if waxed and unbroken. Store these roots between 45F to 50F.

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Pronunciation: yuc•ca

[yoo-kah]Audio Link

Also Known As: cassava, manioc, yucca, tapioca, casabe

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