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Photo by Cynthia Nelson

Breadfruit is used widely in Caribbean cuisine to make both savory and sweet dishes. Throughout the Caribbean one can find many breadfruit trees. Breadfruit was brought to the Caribbean during the colonial era by Captain Bligh on behalf of the plantation owners who wanted to find a cheap but filing type of food to feed the slaves.

Sometimes round and sometimes oval, this starchy fruit has a rough green skin with a pale yellow flesh or white flesh depending on the kind you get. When shopping, always ask the vendor if it is yellow-meat breadfruit or white-meat breadfruit. Both taste the same but the yellow-meat breadfruit is creamier when cooked and a little sweeter when ripe.

Eaten in a variety of ways, breadfruit can also be made into a flour. Breadfruit flour is much sought after by those looking for gluten-free products.

The breadfruit is an excellent source of potassium, carbohydrate and fiber.

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