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Flan Recipes

Flan is a popular, rich custard dessert topped with a layer of caramel. Here you will find traditional recipes for flan, as well as gourmet exotic flavors.

Café con Leche Flan
Flan is the favorite dessert in the Spanish-speaking Caribbean. There is a variety of flan recipes, but one of my favorites is this café con leche (coffee with milk) inspired recipe.

Coconut Flan
Flan is a favorite treat throughout the islands and there are many versions. Here is a simple recipe for coconut flan.

Pumpkin Flan - Flan de Calabaza Recipe
This recipe for pumpkin flan (flan de Calabaza) is prepared using West Indian pumpkin, which is a type of squash. Don't let that fool you, it is a sweet, smooth and delicious custard treat.

Easy Flan
Flan is a famous Latin dessert and there are many versions. Here is a simple flan recipe, great for beginners.

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