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Cuban Recipes

Cuban Recipes

Cuban Food - Country Profile
Cuban food still has strong ties to Spanish influences because it was the first and last Spanish colony in the Caribbean.

Cuban Sofrito
This sofrito recipe is my interpretation of Cuban sofrito based on the ingredients commonly found in most Cuban sofrito recipes - tomatoes, onions, garlic, and red bell peppers.

Cuban Chicks Can Cook Book Review
Cuban Chicks Can Cook, the Indispensable Guide to Basic Cuban Favorites by Ana Quincoces Rodriguez offers a peek into a spirited culture that embraces food with the same gusto it has for life.

Cuban Shrimp Soup (Sopa de Camarones)
This creamy shrimp, corn, and potato soup is an excellent appetizer that goes well with any seafood meal. Or serve it as a main course.

Cuban Fufu
Cuban Fufu is a sweet yet savory turkey dressing or side dish. Sweet plantains are the main ingredient.

Cuban Sandwich
A Cuban Sandwich, sometimes called a cubano, is a Latin variation on a grilled ham and cheese sandwich. This undeniably delicious sandwich is grilled and made with ham, pork, Swiss cheese, pickles, mustard and Cuban bread.

Cuban Pork Sandwiches
Pork sandwiches are a tradition in Cuba. If you like pork barbecue sandwiches, you'll love this recipe from the Barbeques and Grilling Guide.

Mojito Recipe
Traditional mojitos are made with mint, rum, powdered sugar, lime, and club soda. Serve these fashionable yet traditional mojitos at your next Havana or Cuban themed party.

Cuba Libre Recipe
The Cuba Libre (Spanish for Free Cuba) originated around 1900 in Havana, Cuba during the Spanish-American War. Here's a recipe for this rum, cola, and lime cocktail.

Cafe Cubano - Cuban Coffee
Cuban coffee is about double the strength of American coffee. You get a cups worth of coffee in a shot sized glass. Here are instructions on how to make Cuban coffee.

Three Guys from Miami Celebrate Cuban
Raúl Musibay, Glenn Lindgren and Jorge Castillo have put together a website where they share some of their favorite recipes from their published cookbooks “Three Guys from Miami Cook Cuban” and “Three Guys from Miami Celebrate Cuban.”

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