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Boil & Fry


Boil and Fry Cassava

Boil and Fry Cassava

Photo by Cynthia Nelson

"Boil and Fry" is the term used to indicate the methods used to prepare a type of Ground Provisions dish in Guyana. The Ground Provision is first boiled until fully cooked, in salted water. It is then drained well and sauteed with fresh herbs, onions, garlic and tomoatoes. Sometimes, frizzled salt fish is added to the mix.

The "frying" is what is referred to as saute. So the aromatics and herbs are "frying" with the Ground Provision.

Boil and Fry is an excellent way to prepare Ground Provision to eat as a complete meal, void of any fish or animal protein. The herbs and other aromatics, add more than enough flavor to round out the dish. And given that Ground Provisions are hearty by themselves, it is no surprise that one is quickly filled after eating a plat of boil and fry.

Types of Boil and Fry

When making boil and fry, you can use a combination of ground provisions or you can boil and fry one type of ground provision. For example, the following ground provisions are often boiled and fried by themselves:


When to eat Boil and Fry

Boil and Fry is generally eaten as a breakfast or evening meal. In many Eastern Caribbean countries the Ground Provision is simply boiled, sliced and presented as the main starch for the meal.

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