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Chicken, Beef, Pork, and Goat Recipes

Historically, meat was in short supply and expensive in the Caribbean. Therefore, meat was used to impart flavor rather than as the showpiece of the meal. The most common meats are small animals such as chicken, goat, and pig. But, wild game and beef are also available. Furthermore, nothing is wasted. It’s normal to find lesser cuts of meat and/or scraps that are left over from the slaughtering process on the menu (tongue, feet, offal, etc.).
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  2. Caribbean Chicken Recipes (7)
  3. Caribbean Pork Recipes (5)

Goat Curry
Recipe for spicy curried goat Jamaican style. Curry recipes are popular in the Caribbean, especially on the islands where East Indian workers settled during their indentured servitude in the 1800s.

Caribbean Pineapple Duck
Excellent recipe for stuffed duck with pineapple garnish. This dish is perfect for holidays and special occasions.

French Caribbean Curried Goat Recipe
A delicious recipe for curried goat inspired by the French Caribbean islands.

Caribbean Style Smoked Turkey Legs
Recipe for smoked turkey legs seasoned with Caribbean herbs and adobo.

Meat, Poultry, and Game in Caribbean Cooking
Meat, poultry and wild game plays a different role in Caribbean cuisine than in other world cuisines.

Lamb and Roasted Pepper Stew ( Chilindron de Cordero Recipe)
Lamb and Roasted Pepper Stew (Chilindron de Cordero) an excellent lamb stew that you can serve for any special occasion.

Roasted Turkey - Pavochòn
Roasting a turkey for Thanksgiving as if it were lechòn (suckling pig) has been a tradition in Puerto Rico since the island became an American commonwealth and adopted the holiday. This flavor intensive recipe will go over well with the most discriminating of tastes.

Turkey Stew (Pavo Guisado)
Turkey stew recipes are great dishes for using up leftover turkey from the holidays. Although, you don't have to use leftovers, you can use fresh turkey and serve this stew for any occassion.

What is Salt Meat
Learn what is salt meat. Learn to cook with salt meat. Refer to what is salt meat to learn how to prepare salt meat.

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