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Top 5 Rum Selection Tips


Rum is unquestionably the drink of the Caribbean. Rum was a driving factor behind the Caribbean’s economy, history, and culture. So, it's not surprising that rum is served everywhere and any way imaginable on the islands. When choosing a rum keep these tips in mind.

1. White Rum

White rum is usually light-bodied, clear and subtly flavored. Rum aged in an oak cask has a smooth taste. White rums are primarily used in mixed drinks and blend well with fruit flavors.

2. Golden Rum

Golden rums are medium-bodied, amber colored rums and have spent several years aging in oak barrels. This gives them smooth, mellow flavors. Because of the color, golden rums are also called amber rums.

3. Dark Rum

Dark rums are full-bodied, heady, dark gold rums. These rums are mainly prepared from pot stills. Dark rums are aged in oak casks for many years. They are so smooth and rich that they are commonly consumed straight up.

4. Spiced Rum

Spiced rums can be white, golden, or dark. Fruits and spices flavor these spirits. Spiced rums are used in mixed drinks, frozen cocktails, and rum punches popular in the Caribbean.

5. Añejo or Aged Rums

Añejo and age-dated rums are assorted rums mixed together to insure a consistency in flavor from year to year. The rums can come from separate batches or vintages. Some of the rum labels will state the youngest rum in the blend while others tell the vintage date.

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