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Latin Caribbean Beverage Recipes

In the Caribbean, you'll find refreshing fruit juices and rum drinks everywhere. Enjoy this collection of beverage (bebida) recipes any time of the year.
  1. Rum Cocktails (11)

Citrus Punch Recipe
If you are looking for a party punch recipe, try this easy citrus fruit punch recipe.

Papaya Milk Shake (Batida de Lechoza)
This quick and easy milk shake combines papayas with evaporated milk and sugar for a refreshing summer drink or light snack.

Papaya and Milk Smoothie (Refresco de Papaya)
This cold papaya smoothie will keep you cool on a hot day. This beverage's main ingredients are papaya, milk, lime, sugar and ice.

Peach Mango Smoothie
Cool off with a cold peach and mango smoothie. This non-dairy smoothie recipe is perfect for a hot summer day. The peach and mango flavors go very well together

Pineapple Orange Smoothie
On a hot summer day, nothing hits the spot like a cool refreshing pineapple orange smoothie.

Sangria Criolla - Caribbean Sangria
Put simply, sangria is a wine punch. There are many variations on sangria recipes. Here is my Caribbean inspired sangria recipe.

Sangria is a wine punch. There are many variations on sangria recipes. Here is a sangria recipe inspired by the way it's made in Puerto Rico.

Cafe Cubano - Cuban Coffee
Cuban coffee is about double the strength of American coffee. You get a cups worth of coffee in a shot sized glass. Here are instructions on how to make Cuban coffee.

Pineapple Shake - Batido de Pina
Shakes are popular in the tropical Caribbean islands. They can be made with milk, ice cream or crushed ice. This recipe uses a crushed ice and milk combination.

Bay Leaf Tea
How to make herbal bay leaf tea. Learn to make West Indian (Caribbean) bay leaf tea.

Caribbean-style Lemonade
Caribbean-style lemonade is easy to make. It's a type of limeade also called Lime Water, Swank and Wash.

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