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How to Make Empanadas

Recipes for Fillings and Dough


Empanadas are pastry shell turnovers made by folding dough over a filling, sealing it, and cooking it, either by baking or frying. Just about every Caribbean island has a recipe for sweet or savory fillings.

1. Empanada Dough

Rolling out dough for empanadas
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Every tasty empanada starts with the dough. In Latin Caribbean cooking you'll come across two types of dough. One is simple flour dough much like a pie crust and the other is reddish yellow dough made with yucca. You can use either dough interchangeably, but for beginners, try the simple flour dough first.

Note: Empanada dough is available in specialty markets in the form of frozen discs, usually 10 discs per pack.

2. Empanadas - A Step-by-Step Guide

Crimping an Empanada
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If you are eager to make your own dough, but don't know where to start, follow this empanada step-by-step guide. In this tutorial, I show you how to make home made pizza empanadas from start to finish. You can use these steps to prepare any empanada recipe.

3. Beef Empanada Recipes

Beef is possibly the most popular empanada filling. You can also substitute corned beef for ground beef.

4. Chicken and Turkey Empanada Recipes

Shredded or ground chicken and turkey make excellent empanada fillings, too.

5. Chorizo and Pork Empanada Recipes

Chorizo is a highly seasoned pork sausage popular in the Spanish speaking islands. You can also use pulled pork or gound sausage.

6. Fruit Empanada Recipes

Empanadas can be filled with sweet fillings, such as fruit. Enjoy them as a dessert or snack.

7. Vegetable Empanada Recipes

If you don't eat meat, try a veggie empanada. You can stuff them with your favorite vegetables, beans, or rice fillings.

8. Fish and Seafood Empanada Recipes

Seafood and fish are popular fillings for empanadas. It's not surprising since the Caribbean Sea offers an abundance of fish and shellfish.

9. Cheese Empanada Recipes

You can use your favorite shredded cheese and just have a cheese empanada or add other ingredients that go well with the cheese.
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