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Latin Caribbean Appetizers and Snacks

Free recipes for appetizers, snacks, and fritters (aperitivos, bocados, y frituras). These tasty and versatile selections can be served before the meal or whenever you get the munchies.
  1. Empanadas (15)

Hearts of Palm Fritters (Acrats de Chou Palmiste)
Recipe for Hearts of Palm Fritters (Acrats de Chou Palmiste) : a delicious and popular fried fritter in the French Caribbean

Féroce d’avocat – Spicy Avocado and Salt Cod
Originally from the French Caribbean, this spicy avocado and salt cod dish is well known in Martinique and Guadalupe.

Cassava Chips Also called Yuca Chips
Recipe for making cassava (yuca) chips, which are similar to potato chips. They taste great sprinkled with salt, but even better if served with salsa or a dip.

Fresh Corn and Yuca Fritters
This is a quick and simple, yet delcious, recipe for fried yuca and fresh corn fritters.

Sweet Potato Croquettes - Croquetas de Batata Receta
This sweet potato fritter (croquetas de batata )is an easy recipe for beginners and a hit with anyone who likes sweet potatoes. Make these small fried sweet potato rolls for an appetizer, party snack, or side dish.

Fried Cheese Balls Recipe with Guava Dipping Sauce
Recipe for savory fried cheese balls (bolitas de queso) with a tangy sweet guava dipping sauce. It's the perfect party fritter.

Alcapurrias are fried, gound beef filled, fritters from the Caribbeam made from a mixture of grated yautia (taro root) and green banana.

Arañitas - Shredded Green Plantain Fritters
Arañitas are shredded green plantain fritters. Arañitas means little spiders in Spanish. This recipe gets its name from the shredded plantain, which look like spider legs when fried. The recipe is a variation of tostones.

Bahama Breeze's Creole Baked Goat Cheese
Bahama Breeze's recipe for Creole Baked Goat Cheese is a flavorful combination of fresh Chevre goat cheese, vine-ripened tomato, sweet onion, fresh garlic and cilantro served in roasted red pepper wedges.

Cheese Filled Plantain Fritters (Piononos)
Battered, fried, and stuffed with cheese, piononos are the perfect finger food for parties.

Cheese Straws Wafers
Try this easy recipe for cheese straws wafers for a teatime cheese treat.. Learn how to make cheese straw wafers.

Chef DonClark's Coconut Chicken Toston Cup Filling
Serve sweet but savory Chef DonClark's Coconut Chicken Toston Cup Filling in fried plantain cups.

Corn Fritters (Frituras de Maiz)
This cornmeal and cheese fritter recipe is quick and simple. It makes a great snack, side dish, or finger food for parties.

Papas Rellenas - Stuffed Potato Balls Recipe
Miniature Papas Rellenas (stuffed potato balls) are perfect for snacks and appetizers. Large papas rellenas make a great side dish.

Fried Desert Bananas with Cheese (Guineitos Fritos con Queso Recipe)
This fried desert bananas with cheese recipe (Guineitos Fritos con Queso) is one way to prepare small desert bananas.

Plantain Cups
Fill these plantain cups with your favorite savory fillings.

Pork Kabobs (Pinchos de Puerco)
In the Caribbean pinchos are grilled pork or chicken kabobs. Here is my garlicky version great for a summer cookout, snack or party.

Potato Balls - Aloo Balls
Aloo balls (potato balls) are a savory mixture of mashed potatoes rolled into balls, battered and deep fried. Here's a recipe for making your own potato balls at home.

Rice Fritters - Frituras de Arroz
Here is a simple recipe for sweet rice fritters. Serve rice fritters for breakfast or as a snack. It's a great way for using up left over white rice.

Shrimp and Potato Fritters (Bombas de Camarones y Papas)
If you have a craving for Latin Caribbean street food, try this delicious fried fritter made with shrimp, potatoes and Munster cheese. It's great for a snack or serve it as an appetizer.

Free recipe for a Puerto Rican dish called Surullitos (Cheese Corn Sticks). These tasty snacks are made from cormeal and are very easy to make.

Plantains are a staple in the Latin Caribbean diet. They are prepared many different ways, but tostones is the quickest and easiest. It’s a perfect recipe for beginners. You can serve tostones as a side dish or as a snack with garlic dip.

West Indian Pumpkin Fritters (Frituras de Calabaza)
One way to enjoy a West Indian Pumpkin, or calabaza, is to turn it into fritters. Enjoy these sweet fritters as appetizers or as a snack.

Yuca Fries
Yuca fries are a good substitute for french fries. Yucca fries and french fries look alike and taste similar, too.

Bacalaitos - Fried Cod Fish Fritters
Bacalaitos take a little work to make because you have to soak the salt out of the Cod. But, they are well worth the effort and make an excellent or appetizer.

Spinach and Split Pea Patties
Spinach and split pea patty recipe. This Spinach and Split Pea Patty recipe is a rift of an Indian Vada and the West Indian Phulourie (split peas fritter).

Guyanese Cheese Pie
Guyanese cheese pies made easy. How to make Guyanese cheese pies. A guide to Guyanese cheese pies.

Shrimp Accras
Shrimp Accras Recipe: In the Caribbean fritters are called accras. Here is a simple delicious recipe for shrimp accras.

Pigeon Peas Accra
Recipe for pigeon peas accras. Here is how to make pigeon peas accras, which is a favorite fritter receipe in the Caribbean.

Salt Fish Accra
This is a Trinidadian accras recipe - a types of Caribbean accra made with saltfish.

Haitian Accras
How to make Haitian Accras. Recipe for Haitian Accras. Learn to make Haitian accras. Types of accras.

Caribbean Accras
Accra guide. Caribbean Accra guide. Learn about accras. Accra recipes.

Stamp and Go (Codfish Fritters)
What is stamp and go? Jamaican codfish fritters, of course. Here's how to make stamp and go (cod fish fritters).

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