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Puerto Rican Recipes - Latin Caribbean Food - About.com
Authentic and traditional recipes that come from the island of Puerto Rico.
Puerto Rican Water Bread Recipe - Pan De Agua Receta
Every culture has a recipe for bread. I have found several versions of the bread, which is also used in Cuban cooking. Puerto Rican water bread (pan de agua) is  ...
Recaito Recipe - Puerto Rican Sofrito - Latin Caribbean Food
In Puerto Rico, recaito is used as the base seasoning sauce often known as sofrito. Here is a recipe for recaito a.k.a. Puerto Rican sofrito.
Coquito Recipe - Puerto Rican Rum No Eggs Eggnog
Coquito is a traditional punch served at Christmas and New Years celebrations. The drink is similar to eggnog with rum. This particular recipe does not call for ...
Puerto Rican Sofrito - Recipe - Puerto Rico Travel - About.com
A recipe for sofrito, the mix of herbs and vegetables that forms the base of most Puerto Rican cooking.
Pasteles Recipe - A Traditional Puerto Rican Dish
Making and serving pasteles at Christmas time is a Puerto Rican tradition. It's hard work, but well worth the effort. Get together a bunch of friends and make a day ...
How to Celebrate a Puerto Rican Thanksgiving - Puerto Rico Travel
Puerto Ricans put their own culinary touch on the menu ... and then they do what ... Here are a few recipes for those who want to celebrate a Puerto Rican ...
Rice with Pigeon Peas - Arroz con Gandules - Latin Caribbean Food
Arroz con Gandules (Rice with Pigeon Peas) is Puerto Rico's national dish. It's a rice ... This recipe is a rice and pea dish seasoned with sofrito and diced ham.
Puerto Rican Food (Cocina Criolla) Profile - Latin Caribbean Food
The principal cooking style in Puerto Rican cuisine is called cocina criolla - the cuisine created by the European (mostly Spanish) colonists using their traditional  ...
Puerto Rican Water Bread (Pan de Agua) - Latin Caribbean Food
Puerto Rican Water Bread recipe. Pan de Agua receta. Step-by-step instructions and pictures on how to make water bread.
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