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About Plantains and Recipes - Latin Caribbean Food - About.com
It looks and smells like a banana, but if you ever bite into a raw plantain (plátano in Spanish), you'll know it's not. Learn how to cook with plantains and get ...
How to Make Fried Ripe Plantains - Recipe - Latin Caribbean Food
Make Fried Ripe Plantains like they do in the Caribbean. This is an easy and quick recipe for sweet Fried Ripe Plantains.
How to Fry Ripe Plantains - Photo Tutorial - Latin Caribbean Food
For the tastiest sweet fried ripe plantains, follow this pictorial step-by-step instruction guide to frying ripe plantains.
Fried Plantains - How to Make Fried Plantains Video
A quick, two-step procedure is all it takes to make this Caribbean specialty, fried plantains. See how it's done, along with a delicious citrus dipping sauce to pair ...
Fried Ripe Plantains - Shopping and Cooking Guide
Fried Ripe Plantains are served with meals mainly as a side dish or as a snack. Throughout the length and breath of the Caribbean, Fried Ripe Plantains can be  ...
Baked Yellow Plantains (Maduros Asados) Recipe
Here is a very simple, yet delicious way to enjoy sweet yellow plantains. You can also roast the plantains on a grill. You can also use garlic salt or seasoned salt ...
Step by Step Photo Guide to Peeling Green or Yellow Plantains
Plantains can be eaten in all stages of ripeness. Green plantains, and sometimes yellow, can be difficult and tricky to peel. The technique shown here can be ...
Aborrajadas - Fried Plantains with Cheese - Recipe for Aborrajadas
Abborajados are a Colombian treat - fried sweet plantains stuffed with cheese.
Cheese Filled Yellow Plantains Recipe - Latin Caribbean Food
Plantain recipe for ripe plantains (yellow). These fried plantains balls have a savory cheddar cheese filling that bursts in your mouth.
Spicy Gingered Fried Plantains - Vegetarian Food - About.com
Spice up your regular fried plantains for Kwanzaa or anytime with this recipe for spicy fried plantains using cayenne powder, ginger and pepper for plenty of ...
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